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Welcome to Rogue Romance

So you may ask "what is rogue romance?".

The short answer is, it's a genre and style of literature. It's a romance story that doesn't focus on plot or character development, but make no mistake there is always a climax.

The longer response is; rogue romance is a way to escape for a moment. So often we buzz through life trying to manage a career, family, friends and every other commitment under the sun that we don't get enough ME time. Rogue Romance is a way to sliver in those much needed self-care moments and take you on a journey- enhancing your day forward.

In 9 to 19 minutes, one short story will get you in the mood, get your imagination flowing and elevate your fantasies.

Rogue romance is literature, fiction and, yes, it is a genre. Rogue romance is 'romance done differently'. It's taking what we know and bring it into the 21st century. However, it's also a tool for people to escape your present moment and perhaps inspire the next *wink wink*. It is self-care and self-love, it is taking a break, breathing and letting your creativity surface, serving the best bit only... and it's on audio so you can keep both hands-free... you're welcome.

So what are you waiting for, discover rogue romance for yourself. Visit the Store Library

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